ravenskies (ravenskies) wrote,

Michael J. Taylor

Sooo, this guy added me to facebook, and I declined him twice, the third time I said what the hell, as long as he doesent talk to me I don't  really care.......

Today at 4:03pm
I think i wana sex u
Amber Michelle Farion
 Today at 5:32pm
 Thank you, but no thank you.
Today at 6:12pm
Trust me it wuza joke lol puhlease! Look at me thn look at u lol k bye now
Amber Michelle Farion
 Today at 6:20pm
 Right! Maybe you should take a look at your spelling and grammar next time!

And then he deleted me.
More fuel for my man hating fire!
I would like to think that I'm at least cuter than this douche bag.
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